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28 avril 2010 3 28 /04 /avril /2010 09:56

J'aime bien Matt Ridley, il est extrêmement bien informé, souriant et aimablement déboulonneur de statues. Voici un prière d'insérer que je viens de trouver dans Skeptic.com :


MATT RIDLEY, THE AUTHOR OF the bestselling science books Genome, The Red Queen, The Origins of Virtue, and Nature via Nurture, demonstrates in his new book (The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves) that life is getting better — and at an accelerating rate. Food availability, income, and life span are up; disease, child mortality, and violence are down — all across the globe. Though the world is far from perfect, necessities and luxuries alike are getting cheaper; population growth is slowing; Africa is following Asia out of poverty; the Internet, the mobile phone, and container shipping are enriching people’s lives as never before. The pessimists who dominate public discourse insist that we will soon reach a turning point and things will start to get worse. But they have been saying this for 200 years.

Yet Matt Ridley does more than describe how things are getting better. He explains why. Prosperity comes from everybody working for everybody else. The habit of exchange and specialization — which started more than 100,000 years ago — has created a collective brain that sets human living standards on a rising trend. The mutual dependence, trust, and sharing that result are causes for hope, not despair.

This bold book covers the entire sweep of human history, from the Stone Age to the Internet, from the stagnation of the Ming empire to the invention of the steam engine, from the population explosion to the likely consequences of climate change. It ends with a confident assertion that thanks to the ceaseless capacity of the human race for innovative change, and despite inevitable disasters along the way, the 21st century will see both human prosperity and natural biodiversity enhanced.

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Sceptique 28/04/2010 13:58

Comme c'est réconfortant de lire ça....même en pointillé, en sautant les mots qu'on ne comprend pas!


cdc 28/04/2010 15:38

Certes, certes, et merci, malheureusement mon prochain post sera un peu moins joyeux, je le crains...